"An Anglophile's delight...." – Denise LeCroy

“All I can say about this project is WOW.” – Sean Palmiero 

“…exceptionally well done and quite intriguing.” – Kayla Paige

“Amazing job.  I love the pictures, the facts and the history.” – George Lisboa

Cooks and Queens

Do you dream of boiled puddings, roast beef, mincemeat, and cream tea? 
Have you ever wondered how these foods became truly "English"?

English food may have the worst reputation of any national cuisine in ages past or present: overcooked, bland, cholesterol-laden, and making use of unmentionable ingredients. 
I, however, believe that England's cuisine is amazingly underestimated.
Contrary to popular belief, the English actually do care about their food, they have a rich culinary history, and yes, bubble and squeak is delicious. 

In this free eBook you will unwrap some of the mystery surrounding English cookery, delving into the stories and personalities that have made it what it is today. I will take you along with me as I recreate 18 period dishes, from prehistoric bread cups to modern fish and chips.

If you have a passion for England you will get hours of enjoyment out of this detailed, humorous, and insatiably curious exploration of traditional foodways, eccentric characters, and little-known nooks and crannies of English history. 

In Cooks and Queens you will find just over 100 pages of stories, recipes, photographs, and rare facts.
  • Gain insight into how the controversial Mrs. Beeton became one of Britain's most iconic cooks.
  • Discover what Anglo-Saxon leeches have to do with Chinese takeaway.
  • Experiment with ration-stretching Ministry of Food recipes.
  • Hear the story of a foreign princess who helped tea become England's national drink. 
  • Read about the outlandish feasts of centuries past.
  • Find tips on picking out the perfect Medieval cheese.
  • Explore the foods that Jane Austen and her characters would have eaten.
  • Learn how the Industrial Revolution changed English cooking forever.

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